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The Day The Computer Died (And Why You Should Always Print Your Photos)

Q: All my photos stored on my hard drive have been deleted, how can I get them back?

A: If they are not in the trash, try this tool and hope for the best.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt the panic and horror of having possibly lost all your important memories you can never get back? Have you ever said, "If only I had just printed them when I had the chance!" Imagine if, in your wildest dreams, you could travel back in time and print all of the memories that you wanted to save before they were lost?

Like a lot of people, most of your life's memories are captured in photos. We look back at them and revel at the time we spent with friends and family, important moments of achievements, milestones to remember, etc. And then one day, we find ourselves surrounded by white walls without a single photograph to hang on them.

It's a common misconception that digital photography and printing are two separate processes. In reality, they're both part of the same process--one that allows you to capture an image on your camera, keep it, share it and display it. But what exactly is the difference between storing your images digitally and printing them?

If you're like me, you probably store all your digital photographs on a hard drive or in the cloud. You may even store them in an old-fashioned CD wallet (I'm looking at you, Dad). But what happens when the computer breaks down? Or somebody accidentally deletes one of those precious family photos? You lose that image forever!....and cry!

Truth be told, digital files stored on hard drives are prone to failure. Hard drives don't last forever. They can be corrupted by viruses, deleting files accidentally and forever! Also, digital images will only last as long as technology allows. In fact, studies show that many of us don't even know how to back up our digital photos because we don't know where they are stored! Plus, you can't hold a digital file in your hands.

You might be saying, "But I've got my images saved in a cloud or on social media!" Well, when you upload them to the cloud or Facebook or Instagram, the service will often compress them for best use of limited space and when you restore it--it won't be the same quality as when you uploaded.



Printing your images is important for a number of reasons:

  • First, it's a good way to preserve your memories. They are tangible and can be shared with family members or friends who live far away or who may not have access to computers or smartphones.

  • Second, printing your images is a great way to display those memories for home décor and for all to see! You can even make prints for family members and friends or sell them online as an extra source of income if that's something that interests you.

  • Finally, printing photos gives people an incentive, not only keep their photos organized, but also to revisit them regularly - something many people don't do because they have thousands upon thousands stored on their computers that are difficult, if not impossible, to access without scrolling through hundreds/thousands more first (if even possible).

  • Best reason yet? You can keep them forever! Printing allows you not only keep them safe, but when you print out a photo, it becomes physical and gains meaning because it reflects who we are/were and where we've been.

Todays growing print options make it easier to print than ever before. With professional lab services that offer easy uploads and quick turnaround times, you can't beat the benefits--and the occasional coupons are nice too! Keep in mind, as technology for printing gets better, so do the options for printing heirloom quality pictures on things like canvas wraps, metal prints and more!

When choosing to print, the line between professional and consumer photo labs can be blurry. Many people think that if they go to a convenient nearby store, they're getting a deal. But cheap isn't always better! If you're using a consumer-level lab, you could end up paying more in the long run. There's nothing so disappointing then when you receive a print of your cherished memory and it turns out to be blurry, dark, or in a poor quality print. That's why our studio works with a professional lab to create high-quality photographic products that will ensure that your images hold up to the test of time.

In conclusion, your portraits should be the most memorable parts of your life. They deserve to be displayed in a place where they can be enjoyed for generations to come and when it comes to preserving your memories, nothing beats printing your photos. Digital files are just that--files on a hard drive that can be easily erased or corrupted by viruses.

  1. If you want heirloom quality memories and don't want to lose them in the blink of an eye, then it's time for you to start printing those images!

  2. If you want to preserve your legacy and make your memories last to be passed down through the generations, then it is time to get them printed.

  3. And, if you want your pictures to stand the test of time, they need to be printed on paper that won't disintegrate over time.

The choice is yours!

If you are have images from our sessions you would like to memorialize on gallery wrapped canvas, fine art mounted and framed wall art or in a professionally designed album......or if you would like to book a session, please contact me for assistance.

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