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Your choice of wardrobe in your photos plays a much bigger part than you think. It will have an effect of the overall feel of the photographs. It also can have a role in whether you are happy or unhappy with the outcome of the photos. Let me explain, a gown and/or a suit will give your photos a very formal feel. Jeans and a cute shirt gives casual look. Gym shorts and a t-shirt.....well, lets not even go there, ok? lol


Your images are yours and its up to you what type of vibe you want to give off, of course.


Here are some suggestions when choosing your outfits:


I want your clothing to flatter you and fit to your liking, so you are comfortable to dancing, twirling and interacting with your kids in a playful manner. Even so you feel free to cuddle with your family for intimate family moments.

  1. Use a color palette of coordinating colors instead of all wearing the same color, creating a vintage or timeless look.

  2. Find an outfit that you love and looks amazing on you and pull from those colors in your outfit to coordinate everyone else.

  3. Textures add dimension. Consider using lace, wool, corduroy and embroidery. 

  4. I enjoy photographing women in long flowy dresses and the men in nice pants and a button up. Long flowy dresses photograph beautifully on all women. They give a romantic and timeless feeling to the photos and work well with all body types. 

  5. Bringing layers, i.e. boots, hats, sweaters, jackets, scarfs, hair accessories and jewelry, adds a pop of color! Explore ideas! Your session; your style! Just have fun.

  6. Have fun with your children's outfits...they look cute in anything! From rain boots to tutus to bow ties to suspenders. Bright colors, mixed and matched patterns! Show off their little personalities!

  7. Dress for the season. This is important and you will be more comfortable and your photos will show it! Dress cozy for winter shoots. Layers are always perfect! You can create many different looks with layers! Summer beach shoots are best with the bare feet in the sand!

  8. Hair and make up is always suggested for a photo session. Pamper yourself and consider hiring a hair and make up artist. You will feel glamorous and it will show in your photos!

  9. If we are in home for a lifestyle session, I suggest neutral and muted colors.



  1. Orange or coral colors are not recommended for the golden hour sunset sessions. Especially for shirts as they tend to bring out an orange hue on skin tones.

  2. Extremely bright colors cause color casts under your chin and the skin of people next to you. It's suggested to wear a more muted version of that color.

  3. Thin stripes create a moire pattern in photos and can be very distracting.

  4. Clothing with logos, characters, or words can be fun and used in a way that shows off a person’s personality, but many times it can be distracting and take away from overall feel of the photo.

  5. I can't stress this enough....avoid clothes that are too tight. We will be walking, jumping, sitting, laying and twirling in our session. You will be uncomfortable and it will show in your photos.

  6. Clothes that are too big bunch up and are very unflattering to any body type, especially in photos.




In case you need assistance with what colors work best together, I’ve provided samples of what colors go well with one another.

Gray, Navy and White

Navy and White

Yellow, Orange and Cream

Yellow and blue

Green, Gold and White

Plum and Grey

Blue and Black