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WHat To EXpeCT

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned pro with 20 sessions under your belt, having an idea of what to expect lends comfort and reduces pre-session jitters.


Here is a glimpse into my process: 

  1. Once your session is booked, I'll send you pre-session details, along with a questionnaire for you to complete. We'll then schedule a chat (a video call if you prefer) to discuss the information you provided and get acquainted before our shoot. I'm available to assist with wardrobe suggestions anytime.

  2. During our session, we'll have a fantastic time capturing memorable moments!

  3. Within 24-48hrs, I'll share a sneak peek on my Facebook and Instagram business pages, and you're encouraged to 'share' the post with your friends and family. Don't forget to tag us when you do! ;)

  4. Once your gallery is ready, you'll receive an email with the link and password for access. Feel free to share this information, allowing friends and family to purchase their own images and prints through the gallery. It is recommended to arrange a gallery reveal via Zoom, though this is optional. Either way, I will be able to make sure you know what happens next. 

  5. I believe in empowering my clients to choose their favorite images. I have found that they are happier with their experience and love their images that much more. Once you view ALL of the images from your session on the gallery, YOU decide which photographs images you want. This is when you would identify your chosen package images for edits, request advanced editing, and/or additional images.

  6. Editing : Every image in the gallery is lightly edited and cropped for you. Once I receive your selection, I will carefully retouch and enhance those images. Once final editing is finished, you can then download the full, high res images right to your computer. The 'Print Release' is already included in the contract and also uploaded into your gallery, allowing you the freedom to print and share your images at your convenience. Professional lab prints can also be purchased directly from your gallery site.

  7. Clients also have the option to purchase a USB for an additional charge.

  8. ** Excluding weddings **


During your photo session, we'll have a blast, share laughs, and explore various scenarios. My preferred approach is the "Unscripted" style of photography, where I seek natural poses. I aim to capture families and couples authentically interacting, creating lasting and cherished memories.


Ensure everyone, including kiddos and teens (yes, even teens!), is well-rested and not arriving on empty stomachs. Hungry or tired moods can often show up in pictures. To make the session enjoyable, avoid scheduling other activities on the same day to stay relaxed and unhurried.


Upon arrival, be prepared for a lively experience—dance, skip, twirl, and laugh! It's all about capturing the genuine essence of you and your family, showcasing authentic emotions and expressions. Today's photography goes beyond the traditional "pose, smile, and click" routine!

Indulge me as we move around, exploring various places to capture a range of colors, textures, scenery, and light. The session might be energetic, with spontaneous changes and opportunities in different locations.

Feel free to share any Pinterest-inspired ideas you have. Understanding your vision helps create the perfect session tailored to your preferences.


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