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Let 2020 be the year you……..MAKE MEMORIES!

Photos are captured memories passed down through time and generations, cherished forever!

I’m 47! Yep, almost 50! Wow! I think when we are young we never really believe that we will ever reach our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s….and so on. Am I alone in this thought? We are young, vibrant, careless, living life, and we feel invincible, right? Nothing can stop us! No one can tell us no! But…..did we stop and document those days? Are we relying on our “long-lasting” memories to carry us through?

When you are young, the wisest “I told you so’s” are annoying to us….well, they were to me, I mean I knew everything! “Uhg, stop lecturing me Mom!” “I know Dad!” When we are young, we are chumps! Little shits! Arrogant! Ignorant! Please tell me you get what I’m saying!!!

I didn’t stop to smell the roses, per say. And I certainly didn’t take as many photos and videos of my life getting to this age as I should of. Of course, I also didn’t grow up in the age of Iphones and Instagram! Selfies and duck lips were not even a thing!

What am I saying……I wish I had more. As I creep closer to 50, and with 60 to follow quickly behind, I find my memories are fading. Those wonderful and exciting moments when I was a teenager are getting foggy. Pictures…..if I had only been more of a picture taker! Don’t let this be you! Take as many pictures as you can! Get pictures done! Do it!

As a photographer who spent the last 6 months being slammed by photo session requests, I see the importance more and more. These pictures are valuable! Or should I say priceless! Families who have never had professional pictures done before, families wanting one last family session with a loved one that may not be here next time, the families with the miracle baby wanting to commemorate their love! There are lots of reasons and so many more than I can even think of. But don’t be me, realizing “I should have” and realizing I didn’t!

Enjoy life….and make a record of how you did so you can always look back and say….”Wow, I forgot about that day….what a great day it was!”

So if you are planning on a visit to Destin, or you are lucky enough to live here, let’s do some shooting!

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