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I've Had My Photo Shoot, Now What?

The scene was set, the photographer researched and booked! Excitement and anxiousness was the theme for the day! You show up, and boom! You have a blast and can't wait to see the finished product! So, what to do while you wait.......

Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do with your images. You didn’t take time to strategically plan out your professional photography session, invest in that session, go through all of that work picking out outfits and have your family documented only to let your photographs sit on your computer, did you?

For inspiration, here is a list of Ways You Can Use Your Photos: (and the good news is you can order them directly from your gallery or I can even help you design them!)


Make a statement with beautiful custom photo cards. These are high quality cards that let you pick a design and customize to your gallery of photos. Update wording to match your personal style, match colors to the outfits you wore during your photo session, and more.

Photo cards come in sets of and include envelopes. Contact me for help and design options.

Paper choices:

  • Linen - a beautiful paper with a bit of texture

  • Eco-Friendly - 100% recycled paper. Beautiful paper that is good for the environment.

  • Fine - The thickest and smoothest paper choice. For a high-end, classic card.

  • Pearl - A paper with a slight sheen and unique texture.


Decorate your tree with family photos. Photo ornaments make a beautiful statement on your tree. Options include metal, bamboo or wood. Great idea for any photoshoot occasion.

Double sided design are available and allows you to feature two favorite photos. You may choose to include the year or not.


Make a statement with a canvas gallery wrap. Whether you choose a single photo or several photos, you will love the way your walls look with your family displayed.

These standout 1.25” and come ready to hang. They are tightly wrapped, giving sharp corners that help them last for ages.

Unsure of which sizes or photos to use for your space? Remember that size really does matter. If you put a single 8x10 print above your couch, it will look disproportional and tiny in that space. Instead consider a single larger canvas or several canvases together.

If I’ve taken your family photos, I can even help you put together a design, select the right sized canvas (or canvases) for your walls.


Albums are a great way to use and preserve your images while showing off your family story. You can include the entire story instead of just a few images that can go on the walls. Yearly family albums are a great way to pass down your legacy as well.

With professional resources, I can take the time consuming task off your hands and help design your personal album from our sessions. Please contact me for assistance.


Whether its prints, magnets, ornaments, or whatever your heart desires, there are so many ways to use your family photos for gifts. Plus, what's better than a personalized gift from your family you can always keep and display for all time?

It doesn't matter how you choose to use your photos, just USE THEM! Interesting fact, studies show, having family portraits done helps boost a child's self esteem (see article here.). It talks about how you not only need to have the photo session, but have the photos displayed where the kids can see themselves and their family, happy, together!

If I photographed your family and you need help finding the right ways to use your photos, I'm always happy to help. :)

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