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Beautifully Pregnant - The glorious belly and why pictures are so important!

20 and pregnant! That was me! I was young and had no idea what I was doing! The last thing on my mind was "I need a photoshoot!"....And 2 pregnancy's went by without even a thought! How I wish that was different today!

Don't get me wrong, I do have some pictures.....ya know, with my old school camera that had to be developed at a photo center. The ones with the really bad focus and color, not to mention faded! I absolutely love those btw!

What I do love though is seeing the most beautiful and artfully crafted maternity images of today.....even better for me, is being the one behind the camera! I love being a part of that family's journey and helping them document it along the way!

Consider this: Yes, I too had morning sickness, pregnancy acne, days where I was too tired to sit up on my foldable futon couch.....I get it! The truth is, the "woman with child" is one of the most beautiful things, I think, we can lay our eyes on. Even if you don't feel beautiful, you look it and the "pregnancy glow" is radiating all around you. We don't stay that way, thankfully. However, it will always be a time you will want to remember and wish you had your pictures to look back on. I mean, we all are getting old and we definitely can't count on our minds to stay fresh and vibrant!

Consider this: The "miracle of life" is evident inside your belly. YOU are growing a tine human! How magnificent is that? Of all the times in your life, wouldn't this be one to freeze in a timeless capsule? To be able to love and admire for days on end? Let's Celebrate! Let's celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, celebrate our love for each other, and celebrate the strength of our incredible bodies.

Bottom Line: Pregnancy can be a whirlwind! Between picking a name, designing the perfect nursery and preparing for the arrival of ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, it’s nice to have some beautiful photos of the two of you to look back on from that special time. I’m would love to share a few simple tips that can have a big impact on your maternity photos.

  • The timing of your photos is probably the most important; schedule your shoot towards the end of your second trimester or beginning of the third, you’ll have an adorable bump (without feeling overly big) and still have plenty of energy to get dressed up and wander around for the session.

  • Choose flattering pieces for your photos, pretty dresses that are flowy, always photograph beautifully. Choosing a second outfit is also a great way to include a different style and allows you to choose a more fitted piece that really shows off your bump.

  • Having your hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot is a perfect way to pamper yourself (which you totally deserve) and add to your already beautiful glow, allowing you to feel comfortable and even more radiant in front of the camera.

  • Finally, choosing a location for your photos is more important than you may think; the setting can have a big impact on the overall ambience of your photos. Locations that’s naturally beautiful or have a special meaning to you will create stunning photos that are a perfect memory of you and your little one, capturing the love and beauty of your growing family.

In closing, You Won't Regret It! Pictures are part of your legacy. What matters most is you get to look back on these special photos with your loved ones and remember this truly precious and irreplaceable time.

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