Senior Ambassador Application

On a scale of 1-5, what level of people skills do you have? 1 being "I prefer to smile and nod, but prefer to avoid social gatherings & 5 being "I can talk to anybody, anywhere, anytime and am the life of the party!"

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As a Senior Ambassador, you get:

  • A FREE Mini Modeling Session.

  • Senior Ambassador cards and/or promotional links material 

  • Facebook & IG images to share with friends and family (watermarked)

Your duties are to:

  • Share Senior Ambassador IG, Snapchat, & FB links with current Juniors and Seniors

  • LIKE and follow RHoward Photography (RHP) on Facebook & Instagram and refer your friends to like RHP pages

  • Use your Facebook and IG to attract new seniors to my page

By signing below you agree with the following:

  • You're going to make an awesome Class of 2023 Senior Ambassador.

  • You agree to promote RHoward Photography throughout your Senior Year as Senior Ambassador.

  • You agree to not represent any other photo studio before the end of your Senior Year.

  • Your parents/guardians agree to you being in the program and will complete the Parent Agreement before selections begin.

  • You are available to have a Senior Portrait Mini-Session between March 1 and October 1, 2022.

  • You will share RHP social media links to your other Class of 2023 friends and refer other Seniors to RHoward Photography!

  • You will only use pictures we take for the Program as your Social Media Profile pictures from June 1 to October 15, 2022.

  • You agree NOT to alter any images of you or others taken by RHoward Photography, i.e., No filters, excess cropping, print lay-overs, etc.

  • You will remain a positive role model to your peers at school and within the community.

  • You will represent RHoward Photography in a fun and positive manner.

Thank you for applying!