Why the wardrobe you choose can make you love or hate your pictures!

You have probably searched at least 30-50 different photographers. Dissecting their portfolios and packages. For some, it all comes down to pricing and availability. Others, may choose a photographer based on their style of photography. Nonetheless, you’ve booked your session and now you’re done.

But you aren't! Now the real fun begins! Now you need to decide what kind of final image you want and then coordinate you and your family’s outfits. Have no fear because now, with the many posts on Pinterest, you can find everything you ever wanted to know on the subject. In an effort to take this one step further, here is some of my advice in the world of wardrobe guidance for family photos you will absolutely cherish!

1. First, lets focus on the positives! If you were to ask me I would say YESSSS to these timeless and classic pieces:

  • flowy dresses

  • button downs

  • wrap dresses

  • pea coats

  • cardigans

  • ballet flats

  • knee high boots

  • scarves

  • blazers

  • fedoras

  • Sun hats

  • Suspenders

  • Tam

➳Trendy is good but remember to keep trendy to the added accent pieces. However, try to keep them timeless and memorable.

Take the time to coordinate with a color scheme. Sticking within the same color tones will let the colors flow in your family portrait. Don't be afraid to use a pop of color to add a little personality to your session. It will break up the color scheme a bit without overpowering the image.

  • This really goes without saying, but I'm saying it for a reason! Wear clothes that fit you, are ironed and clean! Also, keep in mind photoshopping wrinkles out of clothing is very time consuming for the photographer and can incur additional costs to the client. I know! You may be saying...."Really Renee? Duh, hello!" But you would be surprised what some people find "adequate" to wear! So, I am going to leave that here and move on!

Take into consideration your plans for your photos once you receive them. You put so much time and effort into planning, you’ll want to make the most of of your images. Will they be in the form of wall portraits or canvases? Will you be creating a beautiful album to store your fun photoshoot memories? You’ll surely will want more than just to order holiday cards from your portrait session. This is why you’ll want to ensure your wardrobe is timeless.

  • If Holiday themed cards are part of your wanted outcome from your shoot, communicate that to your photographer and a wardrobe change may be able to be included for that purpose. Perhaps start with a classic look and then end with more of a holiday look specifically for the cards.

2. And now for the "What not to do's"! These are not meant to be negative, but some of these can really turn a picture into a NO! There aren't many, but they are important to follow.

Just say No - to the following.....

Clothing logos - No sports logos like "Nike" or "Adidas"; No brand logos like “Old Navy” or “POLO