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"We love our pictures....but only if little Johnny would have smiled!"

Kids! So fun and yet so unpredictable! You can put them to bed early the night before, feed them before the shoot, bring their favorite toys, and even bribe them with sweets. "If you smile, I'll give you a candy....just one more time!" Most of the time, little Johnny, is gonna do what little Johnny wants to do. Sometimes he might just cry. So.....what are we to do?

Good news! We have some tricks up our sleeves! These are a few of the great ways to turn those frowny faces upside down.

  • Make fart sounds - I know! Ewe, but this one just may be my favorite because, seriously, what kid isn't going to make a genuine face or laugh and smile at that?

  • Sing a silly song - Bonus if you sing it in a silly voice! Talk to them, sing songs, be silly… and capture their beautiful expressions as they join in the fun. Certain age groups will laugh if you sing either in a silly voice, or if you get the words wrong. Tell them you just learned that song yesterday and could they listen for me and let me know if I’m getting it right. Then start singing a simple children's song and throw in words like "Bucket of Monkeys" or "Bananas".....Somewhere in there they'll start laughing and telling you how you got it wrong.

  • Tell them to try and scare you - It usually turns into Peek-a-Boo but when they say "boo" make sure to act frightened. They will laugh at you and, BOOM - a genuine smile!

  • Tell them what you ate for breakfast - Well...….maybe just make something up, something funny and gross or just weird! The reactions are priceless! You can even tell them you are really hungry and want something to eat. Throw out some weird and disgusting ideas and then ask them what they think you should eat...…need I say more? lol

  • Play the High Five game - Make sure you go high, then low, and then their too slow! Keep this up until they are bursting with laughter! just make sure you are ready with the camera.......and they eventually catch you!

  • Make up a new name - Suddenly, blurt out "Did you know my name is ---------"! Something super ridiculous and funny. The element of surprise is the trick to this one.

  • Ask the to talk about something happy - Maybe a memory or something they will be doing or a pet.....the options are endless. They will reminisce and smile automatically!

  • Tell them NOT to smile! - Oldest trick in the book but not always 100%. This one is my last attempt because, lets face it,....some kids have mastered this (at least mine did, lol) The key to this one is NOT breaking YOUR character! Use a stern voice, keep repeating it, accuse them of smiling, ask them to stop smiling, please stop smiling, this is very serious business!

  • Siblings war - This can come in many shapes.....staring contest, peek-a-boo, tickle fight, who's the fastest, ring around the many options! Just let them have some fun together and make sure you capture all the smiles!

  • Load up on the kid jokes - Have some funny little jokes you can whip out like, “Why was Tigger dirty?” “Because he was playing with Pooh.” Dad jokes are good for the older kids......what can I say...the trend is in! (Kid tested and approved by my hubby!)

  • Dance, Jumps, and Leaps - Most Kids will dance, jump or leap like no one is watching. They have energy....use it! Just make sure your shutter speed is fast enough for this one!

So there it is.....all my wisdom for awesome pics of kids and their beautiful smiles! Have fun with them.....they grow up way too fast! Happy clicking!

Please contact us for more information on how to schedule a session with us. Currently booking Spring/ Easter Mini's, Personality Sessions, and Mother's Day Mommy & Me Minis!

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I am just amazed at how good you are with details. Love all your work!

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