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What do I wear?


Here are some "Rule of Thumb" suggestions:


(Spring and Summer Clients: We are in Florida and even if it will be early morning or early evening, it will be HOT! Please keep this in mind when choosing your attire.)

1. Choose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays, corals (not recommended for sunset sessions), and slate blues.

2. Personally, I love a pop of color, so if your family likes the spunky side of life, choose coordinating colors (but not matchy, matchy). Saturated colors (green, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow & maroon) Bold accent colors, such as hues of gray with yellow or bright red accents are good for that effect.

3. The rule is if one person wears a pattern, the others would wear solid colors that are pulled off the pattern to complement the look.

4. Avoid large logos and writing on clothing.

5. Think timeless and its always a good idea to ensure outfits match your home décor, after all this is where they will be displayed.

6. Pick a theme....dressy or traditional ...0r do you want to capture your casual, playful, vintage or edgy style? If need be, you can always bring a change of clothes. (FYI: Some locations may not have a dressing room....changing in the car is always an

7. I don’t recommend too much white- it tends to be over played and with a whit sand beach, it just doesn’t do much for most people.

8. For large groups: Pick 2-3 colors and mix them all in. Even layers can add fashion. You can always remove an article of clothing to create a totally different look.

9. hats, scarves, jackets, belts, vests, leggings, tie, layering shirts, boots, etc. Accessories can add style.

10. If you are a "t-shirt" kind of person, new t-shirts look better in pictures than old t-shirts, FYI. Keep in mind wrinkles will show, so spending extra time to iron clothes will pay off.


Bright colors, stripes and polka dots! Cute hats, shoes and small props! A flower or cute hat can add a splash of color that makes a photo pop. Avoid bringing snacks that are going to color or get stuck in their teeth. Bring their favorite doll, colorful toy or activity. (Bubbles are magical.) 



       DO - Dress cute--flowy dresses and tops, button downs, etc. 

    DON'T - Wear really short flowy dresses (it gets really windy at times and areas not intended for showing can be exposed, hello! :) ) 

       DO - Bring hair utensils...brush, hair ties, headbands, etc (it gets windy at times, you may need something to fix or hold your hair)

     DON'T - Wear black or white or colored undergarments under light colored clothes (they will show through) 

***Highly suggest you visit my ‘Style And Color Guide’. It has helpful information.***