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My name is Renee! As a photographer who see's the beauty and artistic view of life through the camera lens, I strive to, not only provide my clients with a timeless memories you will cherish forever, but I also make each and every experience a fun and creative memory for you! Most of the time, my husband accompanies me on my shoots as a helper and second photographer. It is our priority to make our clients feel relaxed and comfortable so that true emotion comes through in each and every photograph. We will laugh and have a great time. 

I got started in black & white film photography. I took a class for fun and fell in love with the creativity and beauty that the world has to offer. It wasn't long before I decided I needed more. I feel blessed to share in each and every one of my clients' special moments and I look forward to capturing your cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

What You Should Know About ME

I am a mom of 2 grown boys and a wife to the most loving and supportive husband on the planet. I know that schedules can get busy, so I pride myself on timely responses for my clients and appreciate it when I receive the same in return. 


My Style: My personal favorite style of photography is "unscripted". You may be asking, "what does that mean?"  - Unscripted means instead of standing still in a pose, you laugh, interact, connect, etc. The result is photos that show personality and capture your true self. They show emotion and beauty that comes through for the viewer. These kind of photos may be uncomfortable for some as it involves being vulnerable in front of the camera, but you will love them all the more for it. 

So, if you are ready to have some fun and swoon over fabulous memories that will be passed down through generations.....Let's Do This! 

I look forward to meeting you and welcome to any questions you have. 

Many Blessings,


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